Stop the Threat - "Hide 'N Seek" Season 5 | Episode 1

“Hide ‘N Seek” S5|E1

December 29, 2014 admin

  Episode Description: A mom and her two little girls follow a predetermined family safe plan when a man breaks into their home. Host James B. Towle moderates a discussion of the real crime scene reenactment with law enforcement guests Wes Doss, Richard Portwood and Duncan Stewart. Originally Aired on [read more]

I Just Watched My First Episode of Stop The Threat

December 20, 2014 admin

Mr. Towle, What a great program for the cc permit holder!! We here in Wisconsin waited soooo long for our political leaders to finally “get it”, and now that the majority of our citizens are allowed to take protection of life and limb into their own hands, a TV show [read more]

I Love Your Show! I Record and Watch Them Often

December 19, 2014 admin

To me, it has the best practical wisdom and insight into how to handle a lethal encounter before, during, and after the event.One of its strengths is the various expert commentary and that includes yourself. It is not just theory, but true experience. Also, I appreciate that it is careful [read more]

Duggan, Bill

December 17, 2014 admin

Bill Duggan has been a police officer for over 13 years and is currently a detective and firearms instructor with the Maynard MS Police Department. He spent ten years in the US Army Reserves serving as an MP and force protection specialists. Recently back from a one year deployment in [read more]

Hupp Gratia, Suzanna

December 17, 2014 admin

Author of “From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control” and former member of Texas House of Representatives

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