Doss, Wes

Wes is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use of force instructor with over 20 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations. Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, [read more]

Stewart, Duncan

  Sgt. Stewart has 30 years of experience in recruiting, training and motivating teams; extensive, specialized firearms training and interrogation and presentations skills. Granted top-secret clearance. Sgt. Stewart was active in the police department in Connecticut where he was involved with FBI and Homeland Security task force operations.

Portwood, Richard

Portwood is a Senior Patrolman in the Jerseyville, IL Police Dept, and is a certified police firearms instructor. He received his credentials from the Police Training Institute. He is also a competitive shooter in USPSA and IDPA and an NRA range safety officer. Currently Officer Portwood is focusing on a [read more]

Cortez, Sarah

Poet-Cop “My two greatest loves are poetry and policing. The tasks of each of these “jobs” hone the senses. For instance, policing requires acute focus on data acquired through the five senses plus the crucial sixth sense of intuition. For me, this required focus on immediate physical detail is crucial [read more]

Marcou, Dan

Lt. Dan Marcou retired from the La Crosse Wisconsin Police Department after 33 years as a police officer. He is a highly decorated police lieutenant and SWAT Commander receiving 15 Departmental Citations, three Chief’s Superior Achievement Awards, Police Officer of the Year, SWAT Officer of the Year, the Distinguished Service [read more]

Rodriguez, Monica

Ms Rodriguez is a qualified law enforcement officer with 13 years experience and is currently an Executive Protection Specialists for a high profile individual. As a corporal detective, Monica investigated human trafficking case, vice and narcotics including undercover investigations property crimes and covert investigations with the FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, [read more]