NRA Vacation Inspires Viewer

Thank you for even thinking about us, your viewers. I spent my vacation time going to the NRA convention in Nashville two weekends ago. I was so impressed by Jim Porter’s farewell speech I decided to become a life member. I met many 80000 like minded people there. I am [read more]

De Leon, Jorge

Jorge L. De Leon was born on May 8, 1973 in San Juan Puerto Rico and graduated in 1991 from Lincoln Military Academy as a Cadet Major (C/MAJ) in the JROTC, after which he joined the Puerto Rico Police Department and worked for eight years, the last three of which [read more]

Phipps, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Phipps is a retired USAF Master Sergeant and civilian Fire Captain with 29-years of experience in Fire & Emergency Services. In addition to his First Responder roles, he is a pistol, motorcycle safety and Emergency Vehicle Operations instructor in North Charleston, South Carolina. Mr. Phipps recently began competitive shooting, [read more]

Herd, Mike

Mike Herd has been in law enforcement in the State of Texas since 1976 and is certified as a Master Peace Officer. Recently retired, Mr. Herd owns and continues to operate Bradshaw Pistol Academy since 1995 and teaches Texas Concealed Handgun classes to honest, law abiding citizens in self-defense and [read more]