James B. Towle – Host of Stop the Threat TV

December 31, 2015 admin

Host, Stop the Threat TV series Presented by ATSN James B. Towle is a Director, Producer and Host of Shooting films. He is also a shooting competitor and 2nd Amendment advocate. He has been in the Security and Law Enforcement community for over 30 years and presently maintains his license as [read more]

Stop the Threat "Streetside Shooter" Season 7 - Episode 1

“Streetside Shooter” S7|E1

December 28, 2015 admin

Episode Description: An active shooter engages a group of friends walking down the street. The shooter, unstable and fumbling, makes the split second decision to fire on the crowd. A bystander takes control of the situation and goes into action. Stop the Threat, hosted by James B. Towle with panelists [read more]

My Thursday nights….

December 26, 2015 Richard Portwood

Last year a group of friends and I got together with the idea that we don’t get to shoot often enough during Illinois winters.  Between the snow, ice, cold temperatures and the arctic blasts, none of us really want to go outside to shoot.  But, the nearest indoor range is [read more]

Carry It Like Your Life Depends On It

December 11, 2015 Richard Portwood

Over the last few years, I’ve met two types of concealed carry holders: the ones who actually carry and the ones who got the license to say they have the license. Today, I was dispatched to a residence because the homeowner had found a piece of electronic equipment in their [read more]