Stop the Threat - "Road Rage Intervention" Season 7 - Episode 12

“Road Rage Intervention” S7|E12

Episode Description: Adrenaline flows as two drivers engage in road rage after one is nearly run off the road. A screaming match ensues at the stop sign and fists are flying. A couple witnessing the two men make a decision to intervene. Host James B. Towle and the panel of [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Road Rage" Season 2 | Episode 3

“Road Rage” S2|E3

Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle, and guests Rob Pincus, Kelly Muir and Marc MacYoung weigh in on this incident and offer their expert comments in a lively discussion. Episode Description: In this episode of Stop the Threat, impatience and a bad attitude turn the table in Road Rage. [read more]