Stop the Threat - "Storefront Stick-up" - Season 7 - Episode 2

“Storefront Stick-up” – S7|E2

Episode Description: A victim of opportunity, this store owner has his hands full when he is confronted by an armed robber as he is unlocking the door. The robber, demands “give me the bag”. What happens next is the subject of this weeks’ episode. Stop the Threat is hosted by [read more]

Stop the Threat "Streetside Shooter" Season 7 - Episode 1

“Streetside Shooter” S7|E1

Episode Description: An active shooter engages a group of friends walking down the street. The shooter, unstable and fumbling, makes the split second decision to fire on the crowd. A bystander takes control of the situation and goes into action. Stop the Threat, hosted by James B. Towle with panelists [read more]