Portwood, Richard

December 12, 2014 Richard Portwood

Portwood is a Senior Patrolman in the Jerseyville, IL Police Dept, and is a certified police firearms instructor. He received his credentials from the Police Training Institute. He is also a competitive shooter in USPSA and IDPA and an NRA range safety officer. Currently Officer Portwood is focusing on a [read more]

Something that happened in Jerseyville

February 24, 2016 admin

I wanted to tell you about a something that happened here in Jerseyville a couple of weeks ago. A girl I went to high school with lives here in Jerseyville (Leann) had attended a retirement party at a local tavern. When the bar closed she went out to her car [read more]

My Thursday nights….

December 26, 2015 Richard Portwood

Last year a group of friends and I got together with the idea that we don’t get to shoot often enough during Illinois winters.  Between the snow, ice, cold temperatures and the arctic blasts, none of us really want to go outside to shoot.  But, the nearest indoor range is [read more]

Carry It Like Your Life Depends On It

December 11, 2015 Richard Portwood

Over the last few years, I’ve met two types of concealed carry holders: the ones who actually carry and the ones who got the license to say they have the license. Today, I was dispatched to a residence because the homeowner had found a piece of electronic equipment in their [read more]

Institutional Inbreeding

July 10, 2015 Richard Portwood

A few weeks ago I qualified all the officers in our department with their duty weapons, off duty weapons and the shotguns in their squad cars. Unfortunately, they won’t shoot their duty weapons until we qualify with our patrol rifles in two months. Several officers made some mistakes and didn’t [read more]

Airsoft as a Training Tool

March 27, 2015 Richard Portwood

Winter has never been one of my favorite times of year and it is my least favorite time to practice and train. Spring time means more than just renewing my hope the Cubs win it all this year, it means a chance to shoot some USPSA and IDPA matches and [read more]

Keep both eyes open!

March 27, 2015 admin

Would you play basketball with one eye closed?  If you had to close one eye to shoot, would you be able to see what each player is doing?  Could you run into your own team mate?  Could you be easier for the defense to stop?  So why would you close [read more]

Give ’em up!

February 3, 2015 admin

Would you be willing to pack up all your guns and give them to me? Would you be willing to allow me to come to your house and box up all your guns and take them with me? Are you willing to give up your right to own a handgun? [read more]

Have a Stop The Threat! Party!

January 22, 2015 Richard Portwood

I decided to have some friends over to watch the first two episodes of the new season. I had recorded the first and then we watched the second episode as it aired at 8 P.M. Central time. Would you believe we talked about the episodes until 2 A.M.?  No, we [read more]

Choosing a Concealed Carry Handgun

January 22, 2015 Richard Portwood

One of my passions in life is motorcycles. I love riding and it’s something that binds me to a lot of my friends but no one has ever asked me, “What kind of motorcycle should I buy?” Now, I’ve had everything you can imagine (Harley, Suzuki, Honda, Triumph….cruisers, enduro’s, crotch [read more]

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