Give ’em up!

Would you be willing to pack up all your guns and give them to me? Would you be willing to allow me to come to your house and box up all your guns and take them with me? Are you willing to give up your right to own a handgun? Are you willing to give up your right to own an AR?

If you answered no to those questions, my next question for you is, “What are you doing to help preserve those rights?” Over the last few years, several landmark court cases have helped preserve and reinforce our Second Amendment rights, but the rise of Every Town, funded by billionaire Bloomberg, and the potential candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president, gun owners need to be on the offensive politically.

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is anti-gun but she has deep political ties and a political strength President Obama doesn’t have. Now, I hear a lot of people tell me that guns will never be banned and maybe they’re right but a gun ban doesn’t have to take place in order for it to be impossible for us to enjoy and exercise our Second Amendment rights. A good example is the Doe Run lead smelting plant in Missouri. Enough pressure by the EPA made it too expensive to operate which effectively closed the last plant of its kind in the US. Bloomberg’s organization has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars already in Oregon to get bills passed that are on their agenda.

Maybe we don’t have millions to spend but there are millions of gun owners in America and it’s up to each of us to contact our political leaders and make our opinions known. It’s up to us to vote and speak up. We are responsible for preserving our rights because the ones who want to take that right away are working hard with a lot of money to achieve their goals.

Rich Portwood