1. Seriously enjoy watching your show every time it airs! At first My wife thought it was a waste of time! particularly when you have the same “female victim” in the “Home invasion” episode” My wife, comments each time, “that they can’t use a thin sexy woman” and we both laugh! I told her that ‘she’ could volunteer to be a victim, then she gets mad! But she still watches! I have my CHL, as well as FFL, my darling gets upset when I cretek on the “good guy doing something wrong” ‘LIKE YOU KNOW IT ALL!’ SHE TELLS ME! Then You and your panel come on and say almost the same thing I did! THANK YOU!! Edward Henderson, Gun Barrel City, Texas
    You have my permission to use my name if you wish.

  2. I apologize to the hard working staff, I was so caught up in my own little story I didn’t say what I really intended! that the “crew” behind the cameras, is more important than is the stars in front! I know this from past jobs, you can very talented, but if nobody can see or hear you, you ain’t nothing!Keep up the great work and keep these great guys looking and sounding intelligent!?

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