I Just Finished Watching ATSN: Stop the Threat Episode “Point ’em Out, Knock ’em Out”

It is unquestionably the BEST episode I personally have seen to date! … It discussed nearly ALL the elements the armed citizen needs to be aware of and consider … Especially as it pertains to concealed carry, self-defense, and use of deadly force with a handgun:

  • maintaining situational awareness (perhaps the MOST important thing!)
  • mental preparedness/mental toughness
  • proficiency with a firearm and the need for proper (and continuous) firearm training
  • the great personal responsibility of carrying and using a firearm for self-defense
  • recognition of the dangerous world we live in (sadly)
  • being prepared to act (goes with the aforementioned mental preparedness/mental toughness and recognition of the dangerous world we live in)
  • understanding when to use deadly force (justification and legal use), when to break off, etc
  • applicable state laws and differences in state laws with regard to use of deadly force/firearms
  • legal ramifications/consequences of using deadly force/firearm (what to expect and how the police/law will (or may) see what has occurred with regard to what you have done/actions you took)
  • contacting/calling the police immediately