I Absolutely Love Your Show!

Hi James,

I absolutely love your show!! I found out about it only last month thru Rob Pincus’ twitter page, when you tweeted to him. I immediately began to search out all of the episodes and have watched them all on youtube from 2012-2014. I’ve learned a tremendous amount. Can you tell me when your new 2015 shows will be on youtube? I don’t own a Tv so can’t watch them as they air on cable, I can only get them when they get to youtube.

Many thanks for all the work you and your team must do to create Stop The Threat and get them to air. It is much, much appreciated bc getting great knowledge like you guys offer out there to those wanting to educate themselves is so valuable! Love the guest hosts! I found Kathy’s book The Cornered Cat bc of your show and am almost finished reading it now. A lot of great information in there for any female who wants to educate herself and be as safe as she can!

James, tu again. You are a fantastic host and that show wouldn’t be as good as it is without you! Hope the 2015 season will soon be on youtube!

Loyal fan,
Elaine C.
Hollywood, FL

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