I Am No Stranger to Draconian Ill-Thought-Out Laws & Regulations.

Dear Sir,

First, I thank you for being a vital part of the surprising televised movement of legal gun owners’ rights, and the advice and commentary that you offer viewers/listeners. I am relieved that such programming exists. Living in the “state of Chicago” as I do, I am no stranger to Draconian ill-thought-out laws and regulations. Despite that, I have been a legal hunter and a legal shooter since an early age, as I have lived most of my life in a rural setting. Yes, I am an NRA member, now a LIFE MEMBER, after having initially joined when I was 16 or so.

So while taking in another informative session of NRA News Cam & Co, I saw your kind offer for the light attachment (James Night Kit) to free up the off-hand in order to open doors and the like. I would VERY much like you to send me at least one of those, as you had offered. Additionally, I saw your Chamber Flags as well. I would like to request one of those if I may.

I do not want to be selfish about these items, as I feel that every law abiding gun owner should own these items. For you to offer them at no charge truly thrills me. I find them to be innovative and very useful as described. If I could obtain two for my lights, and one Flag to use for any single open breech that I might display, that would be wonderful. If I have to choose, I would opt for the light attachments.

I have attempted to express myself as best as I am able. Although I am requesting two James Light Kit attachments, I do not want to take greater advantage of your kind offer than you had intended initially. With that having been said, I look forward to receiving those items that you would be kind enough to provide me with.

Safe Shooting,
Timothy O.

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