I Totally Agree With Everyone’s Initial Assessment Regarding Part One

Mr. Towle,

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! I also agree with changing your travel routes, as it makes it difficult to set an easy pattern to learn. Thank goodness for shows like yours that teach or attempt to teach the general public certain precautions and “safety nets” we can all use.

Since I have been involved with law enforcement, as a correctional officer both in Florida and Georgia, there is always the potential for someone to threaten you or your family. Living in a small community, and working there as well, many people know me and my family. We actually have an inmate in jail ( I am the Jail Administrator) that went to school with several of my children. I feel it is important to set up code words that can determine whether your loved ones stay at home or leave home. Have a meeting place to go to (my wife and I actually have even discussed safe havens away from our community) I am not paranoid, just cautious, especially in my line of work.

Your show does a wonderful job of pointing out flaws, certain shortcomings and lack of any training or planning. That being said, it also highlights what can be done, what has been done, and most importantly how a good, solid plan can make a difference! However, all things being said, PROPER TRAINING IS A MUST,especially regarding firearms. I thank you.

County Sheriff’s Office