Principles of Personal Defense by Jeff Cooper and Paul Kirchner


An easy-to-understand and succinctly laid out book containing the seven principles of successful personal defense by renowned Jeff Cooper and Paul Kirchner.

This book contains the basics for anyone looking to protect themselves or who cares enough about another to gift this book to someone to instill the following principles:

– Alertness

– Decisiveness

– Aggressiveness

– Speed

– Coolness

– Ruthlessness

– Surprise

All of these principles must be backed up by one’s SKILL with a firearm, which requires training and practice. “YOU ARE NO MORE ARMED BECAUSE YOU ARE WEARING A PISTOL THAN YOU ARE A MUSICIAN BECAUSE YOU OWN A GUITAR.”

A must-have book for anyone serious about self-defense and legal carry.

Be Safe… Be Trained… Be Alert.

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