Set of 4 Chamber Flags


small yellow (pistol)
small orange (pistol)
large reinforced orange (preferred for ARs)
large unreinforced yellow (preferred for shotguns)

Now a necessary shooting supply at most shooting ranges across the country, chamber flags allow others to see that your gun’s chamber is empty and safe when out of the shooting station.The slim probe enters the chamber easily and the curved shape keeps the flag in place even when the muzzle is elevated because of frictional retention. The smaller flags are ideal for pistols, while the long ones are used all the way up to 12 gauge shotguns.
Reinforced long flags are best for AR rifles.(Reinforced chamber flags are identified by the additional rectangular tab inside the corner of the flag.) Each flag displays the Stop the Threat television series logo on one side with producer’s ATSN logo on the other side. We’ve got you covered! We send you an assortment of four! $4.99 plus shipping & handling.

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