I Really Like What the Show is Doing and Hope That You Continue the Format

I wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your TV show about a month ago and I am becoming a big fan. for what it is worth, we are watching on DTV.

I particularly like the way the show is organized in two parts and discussed with what is known after the first segment, then showing what actually happened in the second segment, finally hearing the experts discuss what could have or should have been done after all the information has been presented. that seems a unique way to look at what is usually a very complicated scenario and gives the viewer the time to play what if this happened to me? I sit and think hard about what I might have done between the segments and sort of grade myself after hearing the experts opinions.

if I would ask for just one change, it would be to talk a bit more about the legal side of these events after the second segment to make us aware of the legal side of this after the event unfolded. once the lawyers get involved, I am guessing that things can get really out of whack when compared to common sense thinking. maybe there is a very good reason you don’t do this already that I am not aware of, but I am thinking that the legal ramifications to any shooting is an important piece for those of us watching the show to learn as well. if for no other reason than to know what is ahead of you should you become involved in a shooting as you show how these scenarios unfolded. just a thought. otherwise, keep up the good work and don’t change a thing with the current format.

I have several gun courses under my belt now and as hard as I try to get my wife involved in some way with gun education, for her own safety because I travel a lot for business, she has resisted. I know from the past attempts that I can not force this on her, I need to get her interested somehow. she has not been at all interested in attending the classes I have taken, even though she shoots very well when she will come with me to the range. but your show is slowly getting her attention, so I keep looking ahead in the TV schedule to find shows that are coming up to record and that is my current method to encourage her to think about this sort of stuff. the world is changing, quickly. she needs to be aware of that.

the great news is that she intently watches the scenario unfold on your TVV show and seems to want to talk about the event much more than usual. at this point I am doing all I can to keep that time educational yet with little pressure to go further without her initiating it. that has always proven to be a difficult balancing act that I am sure plenty of other couples deal with. I have been recording the shows and we will sit and watch 2 or 3 one evening after dinner. the events with women involved has definitely caught her attention and has her thinking about this more than I have been able to persuade her to do in the past.

the TV show is opening her eyes just a little bit to the problems we all are facing with crime. we will see where it goes from here, but the TV show is definitely helping and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your guests for that.