Something that happened in Jerseyville

I wanted to tell you about a something that happened here in Jerseyville a couple of weeks ago. A girl I went to high school with lives here in Jerseyville (Leann) had attended a retirement party at a local tavern. When the bar closed she went out to her car and started it to let it warm up even though she lives about 5 blocks from the bar. Since she didn’t lock her doors, a guy just climbed into the car and told her to drive him to a nearby town. She said she was scared and tried to comply and began to drive. But, he reached over and rubbed her leg and arm so she back handed him and busted his nose!!! She gave him a few more shots and drove as fast as she could to her house. The guy, who was really drunk, was trying to get his nose to stop gushing blood as she pulled up. She gave him a few more shots to the nose and then ran into the house where she called 911. Lucky for me, I was the one who responded. The guy was covered in blood…..all over his coat, face, shirt, pants, phone, cigarettes, everything. She really did a number on him! After he was secured and transferred to another car to be detained, I talked to Leann and she actually said that she started thinking about Stop The Threat and what she should do. She said she saw an opportunity to turn the table on him and get away and that’s what she did. The strange thing is she asked me if the police dept. offers a women’s self defense class (which I have been tasked with developing) and I think she should be the one teaching it!
I just wanted to share this with you after I knew it was ok to release the details. It does show how important the show is and the impact it has on people’s safety!

Rich Portwood

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