Thank You for Your Program

Just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your program. This is one of the best education and training tools around and I recommend it to all those I believe will benefit by watching it. Watching the various criminal situations presented and listening to the views of the individual panel members as you break each segment down, has helped me become better prepared, aware and more importantly, better educated as a CHL holder. The program really makes you think and for me, reassess some of the beliefs and misconceptions that I had.

I always take something away from every episode. Terms like “Unintended Consequences” of firing a weapon, “You are not the Police or Law Enforcement”, ” Being aware of your surroundings”, “Never go into an area with your gun, that you would not go into without it”(my personal favorite). Suggestions from those with law enforcement and legal backgrounds about what or what not to do or say after you have fired your weapon is invaluable, all thought provoking and tremendous food for thought. Since watching your programs, I know that I am more confident now and better prepared to be able to make the right decisions should I ever have to go through a situation where I might have to draw my weapon.

I know you are in Texas and I believe possibly Houston? I live in Pasadena. Is the filming local and do you let audiences attend the filming of the programs? If yes, how do you get tickets ? I would love to attend.

Thanks again and keep the programs coming.
Pasadena, California

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