WOW This Episode Blew Me Away, (Pun Intended This Time)

The top of the show with the “Safe Room” tips and plans IS OUTSTANDING. I have been doing this type of training and teaching for a very long time and as I watched the segment, I realized time and again that this Old Dog can indeed learn new tricks. Thank you for being there and bringing this most excellent episode.

The Home Owner in that segment was indeed (in my opinion) flying with the Rambo/Superman complex. At the same time however, most states in the Nation do NOT require the occupant to retreat while inside their home or on their property. While extremely poor judgment on his part tactically and perhaps even ethically, his actions were not unlike those of many Americans.

In today’s America as you are no doubt acutely aware of, the incidence of home invasions and other violent acts are ever increasing except, where the home owner is known or suspected to be armed. That is a double edged sword for sure. On the one hand, the numbers of attacks on armed citizens are dropping daily, it also tends to give the UNtrained, UNdisciplined, and UNprepared that ever concerning Superman complex.

Just because we are protected in the Courts when we stand our ground inside our homes or on our property, that does not preclude us from using good wisdom and judgment and just some old fashioned common sense. We really need to get our collective heads out of our TV/Movie Screens and stop thinking that if Rambo can take multiple hits to his head and torso when he stands face to face with guys shooting things that cause massive leakage of bodily fluids, we can too.

Mr. Towle, we have never met face to face and I don’t know if we ever will, but for me and my house/family, we sit raptly involved with “Stop the Threat” programming. My Wife and Children ages 13 and 9 watched this episode with me and had many questions about the panel, the discussion/debate and the episode itself. I heard more than once, as we watched, “daddy, did he do the right thing?” or “daddy, is what that man saying right?” Thank goodness for pause and playback . To whom do I write in order to request they give you more air time for each segment?

An idea just popped in to my head as I typed that last sentence, why not devote multiple episodes to fewer topics? Not in any way taking away from the stories you recreate as they are superb and beneficial. But, rather in cases such as road rage guy or the episode where the family of three encountered the invader even after a warning shot was fired through the glass panel……just a thought and one of no doubt many hundreds you receive every day. Thank you again for all the hard work and especially the dedication and commitment you have in bringing us these most helpful and thought provoking situations. I for one always learn a new thing or have the old ones refreshed, re-enforced or expunged.

Tom B.

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