You and Your Cast Has Opened My Eyes to the Point of Motivating Me to Seek All the Training That I Can

Thank You. I do want to take a minute to let you know that your show has given me more knowledge, and opened my eyes more than I can ever begin to tell you. I started out as just a typical legal firearm owner that thought i knew all I needed to know.

My wife and I have set up a safe zone in our house for everybody to go to, including myself, we have done drills with our family for everybody to remain in the safe zone till law enforcement arrives ( we have 5 children, ranging from 5-16 years old), and even the youngest child knows that if somebody happens to breach our home,

that nobody is a hero, to get to the safe zone and hide. I hope I never have to use a firearm to defend myself, or my family, but If I do, i want to be sure that I do it the right and safest way Thank you again,