Duhon, Josh


Raised in the small town of Whitewright Texas, Josh grew up on a ranch just outside of town. His mother Terri Duhon along with being a mother of two and house wife also had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His father was much the same, along with serving his country (Army Special Forces 82nd Airborne division) he also was an Entrepreneur and salesman himself. Josh from a young age was exposed to an attitude of continual growth and improvement through the channels of personal development speakers. Paired with the outlook for life of “If its going to be, its up to me.”

In the early 80s Josh’s parents had a strong run with a Multi level marketing company called Herbalife. They rose quickly in that company and experienced massive success until the companies downfall due to a media fallout in the late 80s. In conjunction with this effort in 1982 Josh’s father Robert Duhon started a firearms training facility on the ranch and named it Texas Pistol and Rifle Academy. He then began giving instruction to civilians in weapons manipulation. It was in this environment that Josh had his first exposure to a sales effort. He started his first business at the young age of 10 years old selling weapon cleaning services to the shooters that would train at his fathers facility. He learned here very quickly that if you are to experience success in a sales type effort you simply cannot take NO for an answer.

Over the years as Josh grew older he continued to develop as a person. Personal development speakers were a large part of his life due to his parents background in the sales and multilevel marketing world. It was here at a young age he began to develop a passion for helping people get to where they wanted to be in life.

Growing up on a ranch that doubled as a firearms training facility allowed him to be instilled with a tremendous work ethic. He developed a strong sales background with multiple companies over the years selling everything from currency investment, to multilevel marketing companies and the products they took to the marketplace, to himself as an actor in Hollywood. All these different experiences have helped to give him some very interesting points of view on life. Pairing that with years of personal development study of everyone from Jim Rohn to Les Brown and a thirst for being a student of every aspect of life has given him the tools to assist people in both their personal lives and professional careers. With a natural intensity in his speaking and a well rounded skill set for life, Josh is one of the most energy infused up and coming speakers and coaches of today.