Stop the Threat - "Home Alone" Season 2 | Episode 8

“Home Alone” S2|E8

  Episode Description: On ATSN’s Stop the Threat, a young girl is home alone when an unknown man attempts to enter the house. She calls her mom on the cell phone and gets advise to barricade and arm herself. Host, James B. Towle and guests, Rob Pincus, Wes Doss and [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Midnight Robbers" Season 2 | Episode 7

“Midnight Robbers” S2|E7

  Episode Description: A duo of experienced robbers use stealth and experience to enter a home late at night, only to find the home owner asleep on the couch. He awakes and quickly finds a knife at his throat. In a moment of daring, the homeowner decides to take action [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Double Trouble" Season 2 | Episode 6

“Double Trouble” S2|E6

  Episode Description: A desperate robber attempts to enter a home and is met with a shotgun blast from an elderly homeowner. The wounded robber finds his way to another home and enters asking for help. When the female homeowner turns her back, the robber proceeds to make them his [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Shotgun Robbery" Season 2 | Episode 5

“Shotgun Robbery” S2|E5

  Episode Description: James B. Towle and Stop the Threat panelists, Rob Pincus, Wes Doss and Michael Carrizales discuss this real crime reenactment. A man leaving a pharmacy is approached from behind by a shotgun robber. Quick-thinking and training help the victim reverse the situation as he protects himself from [read more]