Stop the Threat - "The Apartment" Season 2 | Episode 4

“The Apartment” S2|E4

  Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle, and guests Rob Pincus, Kelly Muir and Marc MacYoung weigh in on this incident and offer their expert comments in a lively discussion. Episode Description: In this episode on Stop the Threat, a group of college students, enjoying a sports show in [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Carjacking" Season 1 - Episode 3

“Carjacking” S1|E3

Episode Description: A typical carjacking happens in a grocery store parking lot, but this victim is armed. Host, James B. Towle, and guests Josh Duhon, Suzanna Gratia Hupp and Mark Walters discuss this incident and the events that took place in this real crime reenactment. Originally Aired on February 20, [read more]