Stop the Threat - "The Accident" Season 2 | Episode 13

“The Accident” S2|E13

  Episode Description: A sudden stop causes a women to rear-end the car in front. The driver of the other car is agitated and annoyed, confronting the women. The confrontation turns to aggression and the women fears for her life. What happens next is the subject of this week’s episode [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Overwhelming Force" Season 2 | Episode 12

“Overwhelming Force” S2|E12

  Episode Description: Watching tv and enjoying a quiet evening, a man is startled by the sound of the front door being kicked in…stunned, he is suddenly overwhelmed by home invaders, armed with assault weapons. Demanding money, the intruders are surprised by the resistant homeowner. What happens next is the [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Garage Confrontation" Season 2 | Episode 11

“Garage Confrontation” S2|E11

  Episode Description: A couple enjoying an evening at home hear a noise in the detached garage. The husband decides to go out and “investigate”. What happens next is the subject of this weeks’ Stop the Threat. Host, James B. Towle, and guests Rob Pincus, Kelly Muir and Steve Vandermolen [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Parking Lot Hold-Up" Season 2 | Episode 10

“Parking Lot Hold-Up” S2|E10

  Episode Description: After a grandmother drops off her grandson, the cell phone rings in her purse in the back seat. Unable to reach for it, the woman finds a parking lot. She exits the vehicle and is looking at the phone when approached by two armed robbers. The attempted [read more]