Stop the Threat - "Facing the Tail" Season 4 | Episode 10

“Facing the Tail” S4|E10

  Episode Description: It’s late and you’re tired and you are driving home alone. You notice someone may be following you…or are they? You pull over, leave your vehicle and confront them. Right or wrong? Host, James B. Towle, and Law Enforcement guests Wes Doss, Dan Marcou and Monica Rodriguez [read more]

Stop the Threat - "What's in Your Safe?" Season 4 | Episode 9

“What’s in Your Safe?” S4|E9

  Episode Description: Finding a place to keep your valuables at home is challenging. Having a safe, and keeping the location a secret is even more difficult than it may seem. To a burglar who has been there before, there are no secrets. Host, James B. Towle, and Law Enforcement [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Parking Lot Carjacking" Season 4 | Episode 8

“Parking Lot Carjacking” S4|E8

  Episode Description: How many times have you seen someone outside your local store and something about them just didn’t seem right? Maybe it was the eye contact, lack thereof, or the way they were working the parking lot. Should you report them or mind your own business? Host, James [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Psycho Redux" Season 4 | Episode 7

“Psycho Redux” S4|E7

  Episode Description: Whether you are a man or a woman, being flat footed and naked is a recipe for disaster. But being armed and smarter than your assailant is a life saver. Watch this true life story and how this intellectual woman stops the threat. Host, James B. Towle, [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Knockout" Season 4 | Episode 6

“Knockout” S4|E6

  Episode Description: The “Knockout” game is pushed by the press around the country. Variations and implementation of new devices capture the attention of viewers. To stem the flood of copy cats and end the game, many more citizens have chosen to arm themselves. In this reenactment, the lesson is [read more]