I Enjoy Your Program

Hello James

I finally wanted to email you to say how much I appreciate your program. In summary, I purchased a Sig P226 and some other S&W revolvers along with a Browning O/U 12 gauge shotgun and joined an excellent gun club in silicon valley. I have watched every episode of every worthwhile gun instructional program on TV along with lots of hunting programs in the last 3 + years as well. STOP THE THREAT has provided me the opportunity to clearly understand how I can both prevent a problem situation and what key criteria I must consider before ever using a weapon. It is the “combination” of your program scenarios and your weekly guests that that have taught me what all the gun training courses and books on the subject would not have!!!

You know yourself which guests are most informative on your show. Lt Dan is certainly as good as it gets. Certainly, there are a two or three others that I also enjoy, but Lt. Dan, Wes Doss, Diana Mueller and you are exceptional. Simply, I am very grateful to learn from your show.


San Francisco