Stop the Threat - "Anonymous Sale" Season 7 - Episode 10

“Anonymous Sale” S7|E10

Episode Description: Meeting in the Mall parking lot, a simple, cell phone sales transaction turns dangerous. The so-called buyer tries to steal the phone by using a weapon to disable the seller. A store employee witnesses the assault from inside and comes out to investigate. Stop the Threat is hosted [read more]

I Enjoy Your Program

Hello James I finally wanted to email you to say how much I appreciate your program. In summary, I purchased a Sig P226 and some other S&W revolvers along with a Browning O/U 12 gauge shotgun and joined an excellent gun club in silicon valley. I have watched every episode [read more]

Stop the Threat "The Bystander" Season 7 - Episode 8

“The Bystander” S7|E8

Episode Description: A walker-by trips over the ankle of a man sitting on a bench outside the Pet Shop. Words are exchanged and a fist fight ensues. A bystander witnesses the struggle and calls 911. Feeling that the fight will result in serious injury, the bystander draws his concealed pistol. [read more]

Stop the Threat "Park Robber" - Season 7 - Episode 7

“Park Robber” – S7|E7

Episode Description: Hiding in the brush, lying in wait, two youths armed with “guns” successfully rob several victims. In their eagerness and greed for more “loot”, they ambush the wrong guy… a prepared citizen. Stop the Threat is hosted by James B. Towle and this weeks’ panelists Wes Doss PhD, [read more]

I always look forward to Friday nights

Hi Mr. Towle, I always look forward to Friday nights when I get to watch your show on the Pursuit channel. Even my wife learns from practical advice from you and your excellent choice of panelists with different backgrounds. The reenactments are not cheesy and recent episodes show increased production [read more]

Lights, Sights & Lasers US Tour.

James Towle and “Stop The Threat” join other Title Sponsors on Lights, Sights & Lasers US Tour.  Fort Mohave, AZ (February 4, 2016) – Khyber Interactive Associates, a world-class emergency response training, research, consulting company and developer of the annual Lights, Sights & Lasers US Tour, today announced that the [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Delivery Defense" Season 7 - Episode 6

“Delivery Defense” S7|E6

Episode Description: Focused on the delivery, a pizza delivery driver is ambushed from behind by four assailants armed with a blunt object. Host James B. Towle and the panel of Lt. Dan Marcou, Sarah Cortez, and Tim Shepard offer suggestions for those entering “unknown territory” for their job. Originally Aired [read more]