“Assault from the Shadows” S5|E3

Season 5 | Episode 3


Episode Description:

After work, a woman parks her car by her apartment complex, but is distracted while chatting on her cell phone as she exits. Unaware, she proves to be an easy target for an assailant lurking in the shadows.

Host James B. Towle moderates a discussion of the real crime scene reenactment with law enforcement guests Wes Doss, Richard Portwood and Duncan Stewart.

Originally Aired on January 12, 2015
Stop the Threat - "Assault from the Shadows" Season 5 | Episode 3
Season 5 | Episode 3 – Reenactment Shot


  1. One thought, since she does have to manually lock the car would be to add pepper spray to the key ring. If she would have kept the keys in her hand, the black pepper spray canister on a key ring wouldn’t draw attention and it would be readily available to deploy.

    I’m 6′, and lets just say “not thin”. I have pepper spray on my key ring all the time, goes with in places that ban guns and I keep it with when I do carry, because it provides me an intermediate option.

    I have had minimal hand-to-hand experience, so it would not take much for me to need more than my bare hands. The pepper spray allows me a force escalation, without having to jump to lethal force.

    I just came across your show in the last several months. Have really enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen, working on watching the backlog.

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