Stop the Threat - "Shoplifting Complex" Season 5 | Episode 5

“Shoplifting Complex” S5|E5

  Episode Description: A crime scene is not always as it appears when a shoplifter is tackled in the parking lot by a CP officer, and begins to scream, “Rape!” Host James B. Towle moderates a discussion of the real crime scene reenactment with law enforcement guests Wes Doss, Richard [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Bad Invasion" Season 5 | Episode 4

“Bad Invasion” S5|E4

  Episode Description: When a home intruder breaks into the wrong home, three residents point their weapons on him simultaneously in a crime scene defense. The intruder, continued to peruse the homeowners even after several voice commands and warnings. Prepared to take action without hesitation, the armed family protected themselves [read more]

Joyner, Chuck

Chuck Joyner was employed by the CIA from 1983–1987, and served as Special Agent of the FBI from 1987 until his retirement in October 2011. Chuck is the author of “Advanced Concepts in Defensive Tactics: A Survival Guide for Law Enforcement”, published by CRC Press, and is a frequent contributor [read more]