“Summer Folly” S6|E4

Season 6 | Episode 4


Episode Description:

Two young teens, bored, with nothing going on during summer break, decide to break into a house “to see what it’s like”. What they didn’t expect was that someone was home.

Join Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle, and expert guest panelists Jorge DeLeon, Mike Herd, and Jeffrey Phipps as they discuss this true crime re-enactment and offer you their insight and opinions..

Originally Aired on July 20, 2015
Stop the Threat "Summer Folly" Season 6 | Episode 4
Season 6 | Episode 4 – Reenactment Shot

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  1. I can truly see that last scenario happening during the summer months and also happening other times of the year. It just seems that are too many little darlings with nothing to do. Do you accept actual threat stories from people who have since the incident began carrying a weapon? I’ve got a beauty for you and for real involving my family. Also, keep up the good work providing scenarios to everyone.

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