Stop the Threat - "Home Invasion" Season 1 | Episode 6

“Home Invasion” S1|E6

  Stop the Threat Host, James B. Towle and a panel of guest experts, discuss recent crimes, reenacted, and offer suggestions on how law abiding citizens can be safe, trained and alert to stop the threat. “Home Invasion” features self defense expert panelists, Rich Portwood, Rob Pincus and Kathy Jackson. [read more]

Stop the Threat - "Fast Food" Season 1 | Episode 5

“Fast Food” S1|E5

  Episode Description: This episode covers a “lunch break”. Going to a fast food restaurant, a worker takes his lunch break in the parking lot and is accosted by a panhandler asking for money. The panhandler had ransacked a car previously and found a pistol under the seat. When the [read more]