“Fast Food” S1|E5

Season 1 | Episode 5


Episode Description:

This episode covers a “lunch break”. Going to a fast food restaurant, a worker takes his lunch break in the parking lot and is accosted by a panhandler asking for money. The panhandler had ransacked a car previously and found a pistol under the seat. When the victim gave up some money but not as much as the robber wanted, he pulled the gun.
The panel discusses the crime and offer suggestions to avoid being a victim of assault and robbery.
Stop the Threat, hosted by James B. Towle, reviews recent crime scenes throughout the country.

“Fast Food” guest panel experts include Rob Pincus, Personal Defense Trainer and Author, Kathy Jackson, Author and Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and Rich Portwood, Senior Patrolman for Jerseyville, Illinois Police Department.

Watch as they analyze the crime re-enactment and offer comments and suggestions on when to shoot not how to shoot.

Originally Aired on April 9, 2012
Stop the Threat - "Fast Food" Season 1 | Episode 5
Season 1 | Episode 5 – Reenactment Shot