My Thursday nights….

Last year a group of friends and I got together with the idea that we don’t get to shoot often enough during Illinois winters.  Between the snow, ice, cold temperatures and the arctic blasts, none of us really want to go outside to shoot.  But, the nearest indoor range is [read more]

Institutional Inbreeding

A few weeks ago I qualified all the officers in our department with their duty weapons, off duty weapons and the shotguns in their squad cars. Unfortunately, they won’t shoot their duty weapons until we qualify with our patrol rifles in two months. Several officers made some mistakes and didn’t [read more]

Portwood, Richard

Portwood is a Senior Patrolman in the Jerseyville, IL Police Dept, and is a certified police firearms instructor. He received his credentials from the Police Training Institute. He is also a competitive shooter in USPSA and IDPA and an NRA range safety officer. Currently Officer Portwood is focusing on a [read more]