“Midnight Mugging” S5|E6

Season 5 | Episode 6


Episode Description:

A drunken bar client feels emboldened when he pulls his gun on a passerby, demanding money. This late night encounter takes a turn for the worst.

Join Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle , and expert guest panelists Don Clark, Chuck Joyner and Marc MacYoung as they discuss this true crime re-enactment and offer their insight on the subject.

Originally Aired on February 2, 2015
Stop the Threat - "Midnight Mugging" Season 5 | Episode 6
Season 5 | Episode 6 – Reenactment Shot



  1. Good show and topic. I thought both Mr. Joyner, and Mr. MacYoung had valuable comments regarding the situation. However, Mr Clark was a waste of space. He supported the use of warning shots as a valid tool for law enforcement which is just plain stupid. Then after viewing the scenario, he focused on the bartenders responsibility to insure that his patrons don’t go out and rob someone after he has served them. I think Mr Clark had a few to many before taping that program. If Mr. Clark was an attorney and not a former FBI Agent it would make sense, go after the money for your lawsuit. But as a practical matter in evaluating the actions of the individuals in the situation, the bartender has no place in conversation.

  2. I liked the panel on the shows, and especially Chuck Joyner. His information was very good and to the point. Would like to see and hear more of him on future shows. Thank you

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