“Foiled Robbery” S8|E5

Season 8 | Episode 5


Episode Description:

A store keeper is warned of suspicious activity in the back alley and takes her handgun to confront the threat. She holds two men at gun point waiting for the police to arrive, who were called by a fellow store keeper.  Suspects are non-compliant and indicate that they were just “having car trouble”. Wielding the gun and firing a “warning” shot, host James B. Towle and guests Wes Doss, PhD, Tammy Hunter, and James Marovich discuss this dangerous situation and the “brash” attitude of the female store keeper.

Originally Aired on July 27, 2016
Stop the Threat - "Foiled Robbery" Season 8 - Episode 5
Season 8 | Episode 5 – Reenactment Shot