“Prowler Chase” S7|E3

Season 7 | Episode 3

Episode Description:

Finishing a romantic dinner, the couple hear noises outside. The husband goes out to investigate. Ambushed by the prowler, the scuffle turns to fisticuffs, a foot chase, a car chase, a beating and a shooting.

Stop the Threat, hosted by James B. Towle with panelists Lt. Dan Marcou, Dianna Muller, and Donn Gallahue offer their comments on this chilling episode and the draw or retreat decision.

Originally Aired on January 11, 2016
Stop the Threat - "Prowler Chase" Season 7 - Episode 3
Season 7 | Episode 3 – Reenactment Shot



  1. I’ve always considered STOP the THREAT a fine supplement to self defense training; this episode was especially so.

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