“Road Rage Intervention” S7|E12

Season 7 | Episode 12

Episode Description:

Adrenaline flows as two drivers engage in road rage after one is nearly run off the road. A screaming match ensues at the stop sign and fists are flying. A couple witnessing the two men make a decision to intervene.

Host James B. Towle and the panel of Lt. Dan Marcou, Sarah Cortez, and Tim Shepard discuss when to draw and when to be the best witness.

Originally Aired on March 14, 2016
Stop the Threat - "Road Rage Intervention" Season 7 - Episode 12
Season 7 | Episode 12 – Reenactment Shot



  1. I think you and your panelist aditude are a big part of the problem we have in America. So screwed up to think a citizen shouldn’t break up a fight but leave it to the cops. So many bad things can happen if we wait until the cops show up first you have to get a phone, find the number, talk to an operator, get switched to a dispatcher ,explain the situation, and then the response time if you’re somewhere where it’s less than 10 minutes your lucky. Really guys an armed citizen should be commended and never prosecuted for breaking up a fight.

  2. What’s with “find a number, talk to an operator???” Please! You call 911, it automatically hooks to dispatch who radio signals the nearest cop….you don’t know the steps obviously. I happen to know our local PD dispatcher, trust me, this is how it works.

  3. IMHO, if the driver decided to get involved, this would be a situation were pepper spray would be a better option (maybe with a hand on the gun also/drawn but out of sight).
    Threatening to spray him is a lessor crime,
    no risk of doing permanent damage to anyone.
    If the big guy did not get off the little guy I doubt he would have had a clear shot that wouldn’t endanger the little guy.

    Add the critical incident stress the 3rd guy is under and he may well miss the big guy even if he does stand, sending rounds somewhere down the street where others could get hit.

    Personally, I always carry pepper spray in addition to my pistol. I have no kung fu ninja training, so it provides me a non-lethal force multiplier that MIGHT enable me to stop the threat without resorting to lethal force.

    • The way everything is so botched up anymore, even if you used spray, you are using more strength than the perp and you stand a chance of going to jail or being fined in court over trying to help. Even tho help is appreciated (sometimes) it just seems that the person helping has lost all rights over the bad guy.

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