“The Chase” S6|E10

Season 6 | Episode 10


Episode Description:

Targeting a home in broad daylight and armed with a rifle, home invaders hold up a young couple, demanding their wallet and purse. The homeowner decides to pursue the thieves.

Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle, and expert guest panelists Wes Doss, Dianna Muller, and Tim Shepard discuss this true crime re-enactment and offer you their insight and opinions.

Originally Aired on August 31, 2015
Stop the Threat - "The Chase" Season 6 | Episode 10
Season 6 | Episode 10 – Reenactment Shot


  1. My wife, 7 month old baby and myself were in a 3rd floor motel room. 2″30 A.M. a knock at the door with a man screaming “let me in”. I got up, touched the door know to make sure it was locked (no other locks on the door and no peep hole). The door exploded in my face when it came forceably opened. 5 black men in the hallway trying to get in. I shoved my shoulder against the door, my wife came flying over my back on the door. Pinning the one man’s arm n the door way. We had a chair against the doorknob and the arm still sticking in the door. I told my wife to get something sharp as I wanted to amputate the arm or do as much damage as I could. The other 4 men were trying to free their “friend”. My wife was on the phone calling for help from the front desk. We did not know how to work the phones to get outside help. Continued to call front desk for HELP. The police finally showed up in our hallway. My wife would not let me open the door. We had nothing but a baby that someone might want. Ever since, I carry. I don’t care who is outside my door, I better get answers from them and what they want of me.

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