“Back Door Shootout” Season 8|E12

Season 8 | Episode 12


Episode Description:

A teen, home sick, is surprised by someone trying to break in. He goes for the weapon in the house . Realizing he is dealing with two thieves, one at each door, he shoots. Adrenaline gets the best of him as he pursues, guns blazing at the getaway car.

Guests Sgt Duncan Stewart, Garett Bush, Demetrios Pulas, Jr. with host James B. Towle discuss deadly force and self defense.

Originally Aired on September 14, 2016
Stop the Threat - "Back Door Shootout" Season 8 - Episode 12
Season 8 | Episode 11 – Reenactment Shot

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  1. Certainly appreciate the show and the information. My wife also watches and questions … WHY does the perpetrator seem to have more rights than the person providing a “legitmate” response to a bad action? AND why does the person protecting against the perp almost always end up in trouble?
    Please send 10 ways to safety – Bill Davis, 609 S.R. 187, Mehoopany, PA 18629.
    Thank you and stay safe.

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